Self-Guided Homework Companions

You want the courses from Discern to Learn - but you want to keep the teaching at home!

This option is ideal for families that cannot do the virtual classes due to internet coverage or travel

and where parents feel comfortable grading the work and having the discussions themselves.

These courses are the same homework as we do in the classes - even the same learning platform... BUT
work is not handed on on the learning management system.

These are homework companions. There is no teaching, grading, or feedback included.

Included are:
-every homework assignment

-what to look for as a parent when you grade

(Please Note: Students in the Virtual Classes already have access and do not need to purchase these companions)

Options Currently Available

3 Terms - click for syllabus

3 terms - click for syllabus

1 Term - click for syllabus

1 Term - click for syllabus

Costs and How to Get Connected

Homework companions are $100 per term

Contact me at support@discerntolearn to register.