What Time and Day is the Class I'm looking at?

Since I offer smaller class sizes, each July, I will find a day and time that will work for eveyrone who is enrolled early in the class.

After this time, the class times are set. Here are the Class times for 2023-24

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What are Term Dates?

There are three terms. In 2023-24, they begin Sept 11, Jan, and April. Each Term is 12 weeks with a 1 week break about 1/2 way through.

How much does it cost?

Well... that is not so easily answered. The costs depend directly on the number of people you refer to the program! You can greatly reduce your investment by having the friends of your student join the class!

I don't hide my costs, but I don't post them online. If you're looking for a ballpark figure - you should budget $200-300 per month (or less) per month for each term that you register. I do my best to make it manageable for your family so please reach out.

Terms and Conditions


I want to make things right.  If you have a concern or your student needs special accommodations, please reach out.  This IS the reason we choose to homeschool - to have control of what and how our student is taught.  You are still the one homeschooling your child - I am just facilitating one small part to help you out. 

I never give out personal information and I do not sell your email address.

I will never post your child's full name or picture online without express permission.
I use security measures in my Zoom classes to ensure that only the students are entering the class.

Refunds Policy

There is a non-refundable deposit of 1/3 of the full value of one term (before discounts or referral bonuses).

If you are enrolled for multiple terms I keep only 1/3 of a single term - not each term you enroll in.

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A Guarantee???


For my LEVEL UP Writing program, I guarantee that if your student keeps up their end of the bargain then they will leave with a system and plan for writing a powerful paragraph or MLA standard essay (depending on which course they are in)

What does it mean "Keep up their end of the bargain"?
Your student needs to:

do 100% of the work

show up to 100% of the classes

and they will 100% achieve results!