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Writing and Literature

For Homeschoolers and Traditional Schoolers

Virtual Classes Offered 2022-23

  • Gr 9-12 Write + Lit - Cornerstone Curriculum: Power in Your Hands by Sharon Watson
  • Gr 9-12 Lit+Write - Cornerstone Curriculum: Illuminating Literature When Worlds Collide by Sharon Watson
  • Gr 9-12 Fiction - Cornerstone Curriculum: Writing Fiction in High School by Sharon Watson
  • Gr 6-8 Write + Lit - Cornerstone Curriculum: Jump In by Sharon Watson
  • Gr 6-12 FIction Mini-Course - No curriculum
  • Gr 5-8 Intro to Lit and Writing Mini-Course - Cornerstone Curriculum: Their Blood Tingled by Sharon Watson

What people are saying

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Mrs. Theresa has been, quite literally, a Godsend in our homeschool! My son started with much trepidation and very little confidence in his ideas and abilities for writing, but now we are half way through the school year and he has wonderful ideas and is so much more confident, he rarely even asks me for help. Mrs. Theresa is amazingly patient, and she gives excellent feedback. I have plans to keep her on our homeschool schedule for many years!

— Amanda (parent, Gr 6-8 Write + Lit)

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Theresa has worked with my three kids (grade 11, 10, & 8) for the past few years. She has been a terrific teacher and mentor to them all, and has brought them such a long way in their understanding and analysis of literature, and in fiction writing. I have no hesitations recommending Theresa…anyone would be fortunate to have her teaching them.

— Ruth (parent, Gr 8-12 students)

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Mrs. Peters is a great teacher! She is always challenging us to look at the other side of the argument when writing a persuasive paper or at something from a new angle in the books we read. I love her enthusiasm to teach and her encouragement!

— Naomi, (Student, Gr 9-12 Write + Lit)


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